Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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In The Glance!

The Memorable Moments from the Spectrum Miami 2015



Mila Ryk, publisher sptr3

A few minutes before the opening


Opening night.


Opening night at Contemporary Art Projects USA, Booth 315

mila and kelly

Mila Ryk, published with artist Kelly Fischer, Cover Artist.

kelly_ interview

Interview with Kelly Fischer, with TV staff


Chris Delias.

helen kagan3

Mila Ryk, publisher with artist Helen Kagan.

hakob hakobyan

Jakob Hakobyan Studio booth at Spectrum pavilion.

ellie manson kane

Ellie Manson Kane booth at Spectrum pavilion.

at the CAPUSA

Mila Ryk, publisher with Silvia Medina, Chief Curator at Contemporary Art Projects USA and exhibiting artist Samah El Hage

jassica feldman

Jessica Feldman booth at Spectrum pavilion.

NickHunter_gallery 42

Nick Hunter, partner at Gallery Forty Two


Lucia Rohrmann booth at Spectrum pavilion

Chantal Myrtif

Chantal Myrtif Gallery at Spectrum pavilion

michele righetti

Michele Rigetti Gallery at Spectrum pavilion

anna voloshko

Anna Voloshko Studio booth at Spectrum pavilion

sami makela

Sami Makela

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